From the sand village of Garra comes with this purple colored sand village headband. If you are looking for authentic design that looks and feels like the real thing, this Naruto headband is the right choice for you.

If this design or color is something that you are not looking for, you can browse through the rest of the sites to at Naruto headbands from other villages such as from the leaf village headband or the mist village headband. Over time, we will add on more naruto headband models for you to choose from.

This mist village headband is made from the metal and not plastic, giving it a very authentic feel and doesn't feel cheap. These headband can be bended to contour the head of your toddler or children. Note that these headbands for mostly suitable for children above the age of ten. if you want something for kids under the age of ten or five, we will be selling them in our store in the coming months.

Cheapest naruto headband

The cheapest headband currently on sale in Amazon is the anti leaf and anti rain models. They are selling for USD12, which is much cheaper than the normal price of USD19.90. This is probably due to the fact that most children do not want to get the headbands for the villians and want the heroes instead.

If you want to buy cheap naruto headbands, then another way is to buy used or second hand heandbands. They are on sale as well in Amazon and are offered by Amazon verified resellers.

Overall, these headbands are very useful to complement their costumes that can be used for Halloween and for cosplay. Given that the former is around the corner, you might want to buy these in time for Halloween.

For fans of the Naruto Mist Village hero, Kiro, here is their official headband that looks and wears like what you see on television. This is great to complement any Naruto costume for cosplay or for Halloween. 

This particular metal headband has a plate size 6.25 inch X 2 inch. This size is good for kids above the age of 10.  The good thing about the headband is that it can be bent to fit well into the shape of your kids if the original shape is too big for them.

The headband is manufactured by GE entertainment which also create headbands for other models and styles including that of other villages including the leaf and sand village headbands. Our store sell these through their affilitate program so you can be assured that all the products are fully licensed.

Most of the reviews are positive with this product. The parent who bought it says their kid loves the headband very much and wears whenever he is showing the show and playing the games.


If you are looking to buy cheaper headbands, Amazon sells second hand or used Naruto headbands for less than USD15.


Most of these second hand headbands are in good quality so if you want to save some money, buying them would be a great idea.

Thanks for visiting our store. We look to give our readers the highest quality and the lowest prices that you can find on the Web. If you find some places that sell cheaper prices, do let us know and we will try to match the price as well.
Our store is currently offering cheap Naruto leaf headbands for sale. Through our partner Amazon, this is the best deal that you can get for this headband from the left village.


There are a couple of leaf village headbands that you can consider. These different designs are from the different characters in the anime. However not all of them are on sale, the prices are very cheap and can said to be the lowest around.
Naruto  leaf village headband

This belongs to the main character Naruto and is one of the best sellers in Amazon. The quality of the headband is really good. It is made from metal and not plastic. The padding on the front of the headband makes it very comfortable to wear. Most of the reviews on Amazon has reflected that their children love the headband.

If you like to buy the product, simply click on the image to your left or CLICK HERE to read more reviews.

Naruto anti leaf vilalge headband

This particular model belong to the arch enemy of Naruto, Itachi. It is equally well built as the leaf village model. The headband is flexible and can be curved to fit your head better. Reviews from Amazon has said that it look like the real thing on the show.

The only downside is that it might be too big for children under 4 so you might want to take that into consideration.

Again, to buy the product or to read more information and reviews, click on the image.


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